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We are providing best cleaning services in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE and we invest in the latest cleaning technologies to fully disinfect and sanitise premises. Whilst some companies still use fogging, we have the latest electrostatic cleaning technologies and chemicals available for the best result.

House Cleaning Services​

House Cleaning Services

Having trouble cleaning and organizing your house? Don’t worry, we offer professional cleaning services and home organizing to make your house look like new again.

Deep Cleaning​

Deep Cleaning

In every home or office there are some areas that aren’t usually cleaned regularly. Deep cleaning homes and businesses is one of our specialties. You can depend on our specialized team to clean all of those areas and make sure your home or office is as clean as possible.

Maid Services​

Maid Services

Whether you need a part-time housekeeper in the UAE or a full-time one, we can provide you with the most outstanding service. The maid service we offer in UAE is available on a one-time basis, on a weekly basis, or on a monthly basis.

Pest Control​

Pest Control

We are a pest control company in UAE. We provide pest control services to residential and commercial customers. We provide professional, safe and reliable pest control services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Sofa Cleaning​

Sofa Cleaning

We have a special team for the Cleaning sofas. As Cleaning sofa requires a lot of attention. They learn a variety of cleaning techniques, using high-quality chemicals to clean furniture and upholstery. We make sure that the fabric of the sofa doesn’t get damaged.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting​

Sanitizing & Disinfecting

It is only possible to clean equipment, utensils, and surfaces by removing visible dirt, soil, chemical residues, and allergens. There will be no removal of microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses. In order to achieve this, the area needs to be sanitized or disinfected with effective products and advanced technology.

Carpet Cleaning​

Carpet Cleaning

With carpets and rugs, your home’s floors become more attractive. Wouldn’t it be irritating if it had dark marks? There’s no need to worry, you’re with the most reliablea cleaning company in Dubai. Your carpets will be thoroughly cleaned with our cleaning equipment and unique cleaning process.

Why to choose us?

Deroze is a ras al khaimah, UAE-based company that provides cleaning services near you, The experts we have on hand to perform cleaning and sterilization are sufficient to meet the needs of our valued customers.

About us we have a proven track record of customer satisfaction with our services. Cleaning and sterilization are two things that are very important for anyone, our company can work in apartments, houses, and villas, and clean sofas, curtains and water tanks.

Deroze provides commercial cleaning services to businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and more. The company also offers domestic cleaning services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning among others. For more information about our services or if you would like us to quote your next project please contact us today via phone or email!

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