Maid Cleaning Services

It is Deroze’s responsibility to provide you the best maid cleaning service ras al khaimah, UAE and to keep residences clean and tidy.

Mop, vacuum, sweep, and sofa cleaning, replace dirty linen, and wipe down kitchen counters, among other cleaning tasks. All designated areas are cleaned and tidied up, vacuumed, dusted, and sanitized, cleaning and dusting furniture are done by our maid service.

Sanitizing and disinfection the toilets, showers, bathtubs, countertops & sinks in the bathrooms at all times. Glass and mirrors should be cleaned, as well as windows.

Qualities of our maids

  • Our maids have Experienced in UAE
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Skilled and capable

What does a housemaid do?
Maids are responsible for keeping residences and commercial establishments clean and tidy. They perform various cleaning tasks, which include mopping, vacuuming and sweeping floors, washing carpets, replacing dirty linen, and wiping down kitchen counters.

How can I find a maid in UAE?
Deroze is a reliable platform to search for a housemaid in UAE. our professional workers are trained in such a way that they clean every area without a spot.

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